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    • Approx. 16"H x 10"W

      Graceful Gratitude


    • Approx. 23"H x 9"W

      Dandy Daisy Bud Vase


    • Approx. 19"H x 9"W

      Thank You!


    • Approx. 16"H x 6"W

      Appreciation Bud Vase


    • Approx. 9"H x 11"W

      Job Well Done


    • Approx. 19"H x 10"W

      For All You Do


    • Approx. 18"H x 8"W

      Great Job Bud Vase


    • A 4in. Kalanchoe in your choice of presentation. Reusable burlap bag or a white and gold ceramic.

      4 inch Kalanchoe Plant in Burlap Bag or Ceramic

      from $18.00

    • A 4in. African Violet in your choice of presentation.  Colorful sleeve, Foil wrapped or in a basket.  Price includes one item only.  Colors may vary.

      4in. African Violet

      from $15.00

    • A colorful selection of bright flowers in a reusable ceramic mug.

      Woodland Butterfly Mug


    • A

      Abundant Blooms Mug


    • Who doesn't love a rose ? Choose from a single, double or triple rose bud vase. 
Colors may vary subject to availability.  
Approx 20"H.

      Rose Bud Vases

      from $25.00

    • A 4in. Green Plant in your choice of presentation.  Decorative foil, basket or terra cotta ceramic.  Price includes one item only.  Plants may vary.  Call the shop for specific requests.

      4" Green Plant in Foil, Basket , or Ceramic

      from $16.50