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Relles Florist was started by Ross Relles Sr on October 19, 1946. With the support of his wife Margaret H Relles, he prospered and grew. Ross Relles Sr was born in 1914 in Piana delgi Albanesi, Sicily. His Mother and Father lived in Chicago Heights, Il. but had gone back to Sicily to visit family where he was born. They went back to Chicago Heights, Il. In 1918 his father died leaving a widow with 3 boys under the age of 5. She moved to Santa Clara, Ca. to be near her brother. Mr Ross Petta married her in 1920 in Santa Clara County. They later moved to Sacramento where her sister lived. They then had 4 more children. 

Ross Relles Sr worked in many jobs while growing up in Sacramento. He went to Sacramento Public Schools. Graduating from Sacrament High School. Attended Sacramento City College and played football. His brothers played football and many sports. He played football at Santa Clara University but injured himself and lost his scholarship. His friend Johnny Balshor (related to Al Balshor, Balshor Florist) was playing football at Arizona State Teachers College in Tempe, Az and told him they were looking for football players and maybe he could get a scholarship. He went to Arizona State Teachers College (later became Arizona State College) to play football and get an education. At Arizona State College he met Margaret H Smith. They got married while he was finishing college. Margaret was a teacher but could not tell her employer that she was married. Before World War II women in many school Districts could not be married. Ross Relles Sr got a Physical Education degree. He applied for a teaching job and discovered he was not an American Citizen. Remember this was before WW II. Things were different then. So he went back to work in the Florist Business that he learned before College. He even used his Design Floral skills at Arizona Teachers College. He would make Floral Arrangements for the School President.

He served in World War II. After the war we went back to work for Senator Florist located in downtown Sacramento. In October 19,1946 he open his Florist located at 2220 J St, Sacramento. Now called Midtown Sacramento  Two of his first employees were Al Balshor and Don Procida. All of the Procida brothers worked at Relles 

Florist. George later opened his on Florist in July 1971. He then moved to 2210 J St. Then 2320 J St. Unfortunately he passed away January 15, 1972 at 57 years old. His sons Tom and Jim Relles took over to help their mother Margaret H Relles run the business. Later their sister JoAnn Relles Bradley came into the business.

In 1980 Relles Florist moved to its present location 2400 J St. The fourth location in Midtown Sacramento. In 2008 Tom Relles retired. The Florist Business is now run by Jim Relles, President and Joann Relles Bradley, Secretary and Treasurer. The third generation is also working in the business.

Over the many years many relatives and family members (Ross Relles Jr and Ron Relles) have worked at Relles Florist.

We are very proud to be Sacramento's Family Florist since 1946.

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