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Relles Florist
    • Surprise someone for Easter with this cute arrangement that includes an Easter Bunny and a 4 pack of LeGrand truffles.  Approx. 13"H x 10"W

      Easter Surprise

      from $66.50

    • A charming, bright mix of spring flowers with Easter Egg decor in a moss accented container.  Approx. 10"H x 9"W

      Egg Hunt

      from $66.50

    • A beautiful mix of lilies, stock, sunflower, roses, gerbera, and statice with spring accents.  Approx. 20"H x 12"W

      Spring Sensation

      from $83.95

    • Celebrate Easter with this happy bouquet!  Approx. 13"H x 9"W

      Happy Easter

      from $44.50

    • A beautiful double Easter Lily in foil or a basket.  6" pot diameter plant.

      Double Easter Lily

      from $37.50

    • Spread the joy of Easter with this bright mix of beautiful flowers!  Approx. 21"H x 12"W

      Joyful Easter

      from $64.50

    • A striking and wonderful smelling 6in. Hyacinth plant in a basket.  Colors may vary.

      Hyacinth Plant


    • A blooming plant garden with gerberas, kalanchoe, and ivy in a dried flower woodland style basket..  Approx. 13"H x 10"W

      Blooming Spring Garden


    • 3 plants together in one charming package.  Hyacinth, tulips, and daffodils.  In a pink picket fence container or basket, your choice!

      Spring Trio

      from $45.00

    • A large, bright color arrangement with a built-in smile!  Approx. 16"H x 20"W

      Love Smiles

      from $200.50

    • A beautiful arrangement of tulips in a vase.  Arrangement will be  assorted color tulips. Approx 18"H x 18"W

      Tulip Treasure

      from $107.00

    • A delightful daffodil plant (6in. pot size diameter) in a basket.

      Delightful Daffodil


    • A delightful and bright mix of seasonal, designer's choice flowers in a vase. Flowers and colors may vary, but it will be delightful and bright!

      Delightful and Bright

      from $77.50

    • A cute basket arrangement of flowers with a butterfly perched nearby.  Contains poms, lilies, carnations, solidago, curly willow, and statice arranged in a basket.

      Butterfly Garden

      from $55.00

    • One dozen premium long stem red roses arranged in a vase with filler flower and greenery.

      One Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses with Filler


    • A Beautiful Designer Choice Bouquet of Assorted Colors of California Grown Flowers in a vase.

      California Grown Bouquet

      from $74.99

    • A fresh 6in. pot diameter Tulip plant in a basket.  Comes in a variety of colors!

      Tulip Plant


    • A hearty collection of green plants in a ceramic dish.  Approx. 12" x 12"

      Green Garden


    • A beautiful collection of roses, tulips, cremons, hydrangea, lilies, gerberas, alstroemeria, and carnations in varying shades of pinks, hot pinks, and whites.  This arrangement is 30 inches tall, not including the curly willow.

      Shades of Love

      from $150.00

    • A pave' style garden arrangement with a whimsical collection of interesting flowers!  Approx. 13"H x 13"W x 13"L

      Whimsical Garden


    • Send your heartfelt blessings and condolences with this beautiful arrangement of hydrangea, oriental lilies, stock, and larkspur.

      Heartfelt Blessings

      from $77.50

    • A perfect slice of paradise!  34"H x 16"W

      Perfect Paradise

      from $180.25

    • A nautical themed arrangement that is sure to have your love swoon!  Approx. 15"H x 16"W

      The Only Fish in the Sea

      from $87.50

    • This custom designed kit has been carefully curated to create relaxation with three lovely products:<br>
A lightweight blend of easily absorbed oils & botanical hydrosols. Infused with sacred Palo Santo wood essential oil, this cream is a perfect meditative blend of nutrients for your skin on the go.<br>

A low-smoke, essential oil and soy wax candle, poured in small batches in gentle blends for a natural choice <br>

An aromatic blend of botanical herbal waters and nourishing  oils  with  a  delicate  balance   of mood-boosting  and  moisturizing benefits. 

      Relaxation Spa Kit