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    • Gerberas, alstroemeria, dubia, lilies, and bee decor celebrate the warmth of summer.  Approx. 24"H x 13"W

      Summer Warmth

      from $67.75

    • A hearty collection of green plants in a ceramic dish.  Approx. 12" x 12"

      Green Garden


    • Vibrant flower arrangement with a bumble bee theme.

      Killer Bees

      from $52.99

    • Each collectible Chelsea fish mug is unique.

      You're one of a kind.

      from $65.99

    • Surprise your sweet with this romantic arrangement of hot pink baby roses, white daisy poms, and pink mini-carns.  15"H x 10"W

      Sweetly Surprised

      from $65.99

    • An arrangement made from all different types of greenery and a filler or two!  Contains bupleurum, agonis, boxwood, baby blue eucalyptus, gunni eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, montebretia pods, salal, ti leaves, and bear grass.  Approx. 17"H x 14"W

      Fountain of Greenery


    • A combination of greenery and succulent plants make a beautiful forest.  Approx. 23"H x 16"W

      Succulent Forest


    • A striking phalaenopsis orchid in a ceramic container of your choice.  Choose below!

      Phalaenopsis Orchid


    • A xeographica tillandsia air plant in our new Celfie vases ! 
We have 2 colors of the vase to choose from cream or carmel. Please indicate in special instructions which color you would like.

      Selfie Surprise


    • Try a box of 4, 1.5 oz Try a box of 1.5oz Soap Samples to get to know Among the Flower's Lavish Soaps 
Among the Flowers products are made locally in Placerville, CA. 
From Among the Flowers: 
The ingredients we select are most often food-grade, completely natural, sustainable, and carry vital nutrients and enzymes. Not only do they look and feel amazing, they are honest and pure, free of fillers, preservatives, and formulated with a high concentration of beneficial ingredients.

      Among the Flowers Soap Sampler


    • This custom designed kit has been carefully curated to create relaxation with three lovely products:<br>
A lightweight blend of easily absorbed oils & botanical hydrosols. Infused with sacred Palo Santo wood essential oil, this cream is a perfect meditative blend of nutrients for your skin on the go.<br>

A low-smoke, essential oil and soy wax candle, poured in small batches in gentle blends for a natural choice <br>

An aromatic blend of botanical herbal waters and nourishing  oils  with  a  delicate  balance   of mood-boosting  and  moisturizing benefits. 

      Winter Relaxation Kit


    • These lovely earrings are hand beaded and beautifully crafted by Sacramento's Witt and Lore. These earrings are stunning and make a gorgeous gift. Triangles are about 1" on each side on silver hooks.

      Witt & Beaded Triangle Earrings


    • Spoil your loved one with a trio from Among the Flowers, a beautiful combo of rose petal hydration mist, a essential oil and soy wax candle, and a floral salt soak. An invitation for relaxation.  All products made locally in Placerville, CA.

      Spa Essentials Kit


    • A succulent garden in a ceramic dish.  Low maintenance plants!  Plant varieties and ceramics will vary.  Call the shop with specific requests or put your requests in the special instructions field of your order.

      Succulent Garden

      from $50.00

    • A succulent plant in a cylinder vase.  Low maintenance plants!  Great for office desks!  Approx. 7.5"H x 3.5"W

      Mini Succulent Terrarium


    • Bold and complex, this scent starts out musky and a little bit sexy with lead notes of leather, pepper, and tobacco. A base of teak and sandalwood with a hint of orange and patchouli make this best selling fragrance popular with men and women.

Top Notes: orange, leather, tobacco, amber, musk 
Heart: black tea, black pepper 
Base: sandalwood, teak, cedarwood, patchouli



    • One dozen premium long stem light pink roses arranged in a vase with filler.

      Premium Light Pink Roses w/Filler


    • A bold, beautiful mix of colors and flowers in a tall decorative cylinder vase.  Approx. 28"H x 20"W

      Bright Garden

      from $164.95

    • A cute basket arrangement of flowers with a butterfly perched nearby.  Contains poms, lilies, carnations, solidago, curly willow, and statice arranged in a basket.

      Butterfly Garden

      from $55.00

    • This bold and beautiful tray features gorgeous waterlilies and would make a stunning impression at anyone's home.These beautifully handmade trays are a lovely gift.  We are delighted to have them in the shop and they are a beautiful addition to a flower arrangement or a fantastic gift on their own. Let us deliver one or you today. Size 6.5"  inch square. About the artist: Andy Lowry has been producing decorative home goods under the moniker of Why Girls Go Astray for over a decade. Why Girls Go Astray’s decoupage wares are made by hand using imagery from our collection of antique prints. Our goods are designed to not only look spectacular, but also to provide years of service as a serving tray, repository for everyday small items,or reliquary for treasures of import.
Handmade in Sacramento and part of our Real Local Collection.

      Waterlily Handmade Valet Tray


    • One dozen premium long stem red roses arranged in a vase with filler flower and greenery.

      One Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses with Filler


    • A stunning display of 48 premium long stem red roses with a little bit of curly willow.

      4 Dz. Premium Long Stem Red Roses

      from $387.00

    • One dozen premium long stem lavender roses arranged in a vase with filler.

      Premium Lavender Roses w/Filler


    • Two dozen premium long stem red roses arranged in a vase.

      Two Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses

      from $187.00

    • One dozen premium long stem yellow roses arranged in a vase with filler.

      Premium Yellow Roses w/Filler


    • One dozen premium long stem red roses arranged in a vase with greenery.

      One Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses


    • One dozen premium long stem orange roses arranged in a vase with filler.

      Premium Orange Roses w/Filler


    • 4 dozen beautiful long stem roses arranged in a large cylinder vase.  Colors will vary.

      4 Dozen Assorted Roses

      from $387.00

    • A beautiful arrangement of white and lavender long stem roses.  Add filler for a bit more.

      White and Lavender Roses

      from $94.00

    • 1 dz. assorted color roses arranged in a vase.  (Assortment will not include red roses, designer's choice of colors.)

      1 dz. Assorted Color Roses

      from $94.00

    • One dozen medium stem red roses arranged in a vase with filler and greenery.

      One Dozen Medium Stem Red Roses with Filler


    • Bouquet of orange roses, red matsumoto asters, pale pink mini carnations and greens. Arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl. Approx. 11"H x 12"W

      Rush of Color

      from $55.00

    • One dozen premium long stem white roses arranged in a vase with filler.

      Premium White Roses w/Filler


    • A collection of varying green plants in a basket.

      Basket Garden

      from $51.00

    • A beautiful 6" pot diameter Hydrangea plant.  Comes in a variety of colors!

      Hydrangea Plant

      from $45.00

    • A 6in. pot size Golden Pothos.

      Golden Pothos


    • Tropical greens frame this exotic arrangement featuring anthurium, birds of paradise, heliconia, 
lilies and ginger accented with Ostrich feathers and lights to make this stunner glow.

      Jungle Bird


    • A beautiful arrangement of pink and lavender roses.   Approx. 24"H x 16"W

      Rose Delight


    • A vibrant color arrangement of hydrangea, roses, gerberas, carnations, hypericum, and lilies with fillers.  Includes a chalkboard ribbon!  Approx. 9"H x 15"W

      You Light Up My Life

      from $106.99

    • A 6in. pot diameter spathiphyllum plant in a white ceramic.

      Expressing Your Feelings


    • A stunningly elegant arrangement of stargazer lilies and red roses in a tall vase.  Approx. 36"H x 12"W

      Citizen Hotel

      from $99.99

    • A stunning wildflower arrangement with feathers added.  Approx. 32"H x 16"W

      Feathered Floral

      from $112.99

    • Like it was straight out of Mom's garden.  Hydrangea, lilies, roses, alstroemeria, gerberas, carnations and snapdragons with filler.  Approx. 25"H x 12"W

      Mom's Garden

      from $93.99

    • A beautiful arrangement of baby roses and hydrangea.  Approx. 16"H x 12"W

      McKinley Rose Garden

      from $99.00

    • A natural-look basket arrangement of lilies, iris, daisy poms, monte casino, statice, and golden aster.

      Wondrously Natural

      from $65.99

    • Send a little sunshine to brighten someone's day, or help a loved one in need.  Contains lilies, sunflowers, roses, bells of Ireland, and golden aster.  Approx. 12"H x 16"W

      Sunshine Garden

      from $102.99

    • Among the Flowers- has created this lovely kit, featuring naturally made facial products that makes an incredible gift.  Locally made, wild crafted skin care. 

 "The Poetry Of Earth Is Never Dead" -Unknown

Often Striving For Beautiful Skin Leads Us Down Isles In Drug Stores Or Department Stores, Scanning The Bold And Alluring Labels For A Miracle. We Cover, Strip, And Manipulate Our Skin On This Quest, Often Left Further In Confusion.

A Deep Belief That Each Woman Holds A Unique Beauty And That It Beams When Nurtured And In Full Health Drove Us To Alchemize A Set Of Beauty Rituals For Indulgence And Nourishment.


Rhassoul + Honey Cleansing Mask / 1.7 Oz

A Convenient Blend Of Our Nutritive Petal And Earth Revival Mask- Packed With Silken Rhassoul Clay And Chamomile Buds- And Our Balancing Honey Cleanser. A Dual Purpose Mask, Cleanser And Exfoliator In One.

Luminescent Facial Serum / 1oz

A 1 Oz Bottle Of Seven Regenerative Oils. The Combination Of These Precious Oils Delivers Active Bio-Nutrients Deep Into Pores, Balancing The Skins Overall Health And Complexion.

Rose Petal Hydration Mist /  1oz

Pure, Rose Petal Water. A Versatile Mist For Everything From Toning Skin After Cleansing, To A Gentle Endorphin Stimulating Perfume. A Must-Have For Any Woman.

      Inner Beauty Facial Kit


    • A stunning display of dendrobium and oncidium orchids with liatris.  Includes a decorative bird, tropical greenery, lotus pods, and mossy accents. 26"H x 15"W

      Raymond's Rainforest

      from $108.99

    • A perfect slice of paradise!  34"H x 16"W

      Perfect Paradise

      Please call for pricing

    • A striking tropical arrangement in a low dish.  29"H x 10"W

      Tropical Getaway

      Please call for pricing

    • A beautiful arrangement of tulips in a vase.  Arrangement will be  assorted color tulips. Approx 15"H x 15"W

      Tulip Treasure

      from $114.50

    • A pave' style garden arrangement with a whimsical collection of interesting flowers!  Approx. 13"H x 13"W x 13"L

      Whimsical Garden


    • Celebrate in style with this exotic and elegant tropical arrangement!

      Ginger Garden

      Please call for pricing

    • Tufarock Design has made these adorable small cylinder white cement vases that are a perfect home for an air plant. They look amazing alone or in groups. Buy 3 and make a little display that is sure to make any smile.  (Vase and plant included, offered in single or trios). Made in Sacramento ! 
About Tufarock Design: <br>
Tufarock Design was formed in 2009 when Joe Triglia
 combined his love of sculpture, design & the natural world.
Over the years he has developed a line of unique hand crafted products that reflect that love.
All products are handmade with an eye for detail & respect for the techniques & materials used in their construction. All designs are inspired by organic shapes, textures & colors found in nature.

      Tufarock Cylinder Vase with Air Plant


    • Daisy poms fill this birthday cake slice ceramic container.  One rose signifying a candle sits in the center.  Comes with an oversized mylar Happy Birthday balloon! (see picture!)

      A Slice of Birthday Cake

      from $61.99

    • Tara loves making these topiaries!  Good thing too, because it's hard to keep one in the shop.  Every time we have one in the front display refrigerator, someone takes it home with them!  Now you can order one online!  Colors and flowers may vary, let us know if you have specific color or flower requests!
Approx. 18"H x 10"W

      Tara's Topiary

      from $49.49

    • A beautiful vased arrangement of seasonal flowers.  This will be a seasonal designer's choice mix of colors and flowers.

      Seasonal Vase Arrangement

      $75.00 $67.50

    • The FTD Love Wonder Bouquet bursts with the beauty and magic of love's finest moments. Brilliant red roses are brought together with fuchsia tulips and lush greens in a classic clear glass vase to create a bouquet rich in romance and sweet sentiments. GOOD bouquet includes 10 stems. Approx. 15"H x 11"W. BETTER bouquet includes 13 stems. Approx. 16"H x 12"W. BEST bouquet includes 15 stems. Approx. 17"H x 13"W. <br>

      The FTD Love Wonder Bouquet

      from $72.75

    • A beautiful all white arrangement in a golf ball container.  Give us a call if you'd like some color in your arrangement!  Approx. 12"H x 10"W

      Tee Off!

      from $55.00

    • This beautiful bouquet of roses, stock, and pink oriental lilies is sure to delight more than just a sense of smell!  Approx. 19"H x 16"W

      Sweet Scents

      from $76.99

    • The FTD Happy Blooms Basket brings together Asiatic lilies and carnations to create the perfect way to send your happy birthday wishes! Orange Asiatic lilies, lavender chrysanthemums, lavender carnations, purple monte casino asters, green button poms and lush greens are beautifully arranged within a rectangular whitewash willow handled basket accented with colorful curling ribbon. Arriving with a bright Mylar balloon exclaiming, "Happy Birthday," this flower arrangement will add to the celebration of their special day. GOOD basket includes 9 stems. Approx. 11"H x 12"W. BETTER basket includes 13 stems. Approx. 11"H x 15"W. BEST basket includes 18 stems. Approx. 12"H x 16"W. <br>

      The FTD Happy Blooms Basket

      from $56.99

    • A smiling floral cake made from daisy poms and button poms.  This cake serves none, because it is not edible!  It will serve great for Birthdays, Congratulations, or any celebratory occasion!  Can also be made with lavender and white poms.

      Smiling Floral Cake


    • A beautiful contemporary garden, in arrangement form!  Colors and flowers may vary. Approx. 40"H x 12"W

      Contemporary Garden

      from $108.99

    • A Beautiful Designer Choice Bouquet of Assorted Colors of California Grown Flowers in a vase.

      California Grown Bouquet

      from $74.99

    • A stunning arrangement of oriental lilies in both pink and white with hydrangeas and curly willow.  This arrangement stands approx. 28in. tall (not including the curly willow accents)

      Hydrangea and Lilies

      from $148.99

    • 8" Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting that serves 8-10 people. Available in other flavors! **Not Available For Same Day Delivery**
(Plate not included, delivered in box)

      Delightful Treat


    • A beautiful arrangement in purples and lavenders, with silver accents.  A beautiful tribute to our hometown team, the Sacramento Kings.  Approx. 32"H x 19"W

      The Kings

      from $99.95

    • A beautiful arrangement of all white flowers, grown in California!  Approx. 31"H x 25"W

      State Capitol

      from $167.50

    • Cat, dog, wine lovers, we have you covered ! Special teacher ? Best friend ?  Add a little fun friend and your special someone can enjoy the figurine long  the after the flowers have expired.


      Please call for pricing

    • A joyful arrangement of lilies, matsumoto aster, poms, tulips, and gerberas in a pastel vase. Vase comes in 4 different colors!  Select which one you like!

      Spring Bouquet

      from $64.49

    • A beautiful collection of roses, tulips, cremons, hydrangea, lilies, gerberas, alstroemeria, and carnations in varying shades of pinks, hot pinks, and whites.  This arrangement is 30 inches tall, not including the curly willow.

      Shades of Love

      from $150.00

    • A 24in. tall arrangement of peach roses, hydrangea, lilies, kale, stock and accents.

      Perfect Peach

      from $132.50

    • A delightful and bright mix of seasonal, designer's choice flowers in a vase. Flowers and colors may vary, but it will be delightful and bright!

      Delightful and Bright

      from $77.50

    • The FTD Blushing Beauty Bouquet is a simply stunning bouquet of floral elegance and grace. Coral roses are set to capture their attention arranged amongst white Asiatic lilies, peach mini carnations, red hypericum berries and lush greens. Presented in a clear glass cubed vase, this bouquet creates a wonderful gift of blooming beauty. GOOD bouquet includes 9 stems. Approx. 9"H x 10"W. BETTER bouquet includes 13 stems. Approx. 10"H x 11"W. BEST bouquet includes 16 stems. Approx. 11"H x 13"W. <br>

      The FTD Blushing Beauty Bouquet

      from $63.25

    • FTD proudly presents the Better Homes and Gardens Color Rush Bouquet. A sweet symphony of bold color, this bouquet of orange roses, red matsumoto asters, pale pink mini carnations and lush greens create an impressive statement. Arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl, this bouquet will spread smiles at every turn. GOOD bouquet includes 8 stems. Approx. 11"H x 12"W. BETTER bouquet includes 12 stems. Approx. 12"H x 13"W. BEST bouquet includes 16 stems. Approx. 13"H 14"W. <br>

      The FTD Color Rush Bouquet

      from $49.49

    • The FTD Wondrous Nature Bouquet is bountifully bedecked with a dazzling display of color and beauty. Stargazer lilies stretch their fuchsia petals out amongst an arrangement of blue iris, white traditional daisies, orange mini carnations, purple statice, and yellow solidago in a round whitewash handled basket, creating a delightful bouquet your special recipient will adore.  <br>

      The FTD Wondrous Nature Bouquet

      from $65.99

    • The fishing enthusiast is sure to love this arrangement of gerbera daisies, poms, hypericum, liatris, solidago, statice, and bells of Ireland in this ceramic fishing tackle container.

      Gone Fishing!


    • The FTD Brighten Your Day Bouquet is blooming with brilliant color and cheer and is sure to lift their spirits with each exquisite bloom. Peach roses, gerbera daisies and Asiatic lilies bring a soft energy to this bouquet when combined with pink mini carnations, pink Asiatic Lilies, bupleurum and variegated pittosporum.  Beautifully presented in a designer clear glass vase, this bouquet creates a wonderful way to show them how much you care. GOOD bouquet includes 8 stems. Approx. 12"H x 12"W. BETTER bouquet includes 11 stems. Approx. 13"H x 13"W. BEST bouquet includes 14 stems. Approx. 14"H x 14"W.  <br>

      The FTD Brighten Your Day Bouquet

      from $67.25

    • Red carnations and mini carnations, golden aster, daisy poms, and greenery in a fire engine novelty ceramic. A great gift for any firefighter or any firefighter at heart!  Approx. 12"H x 10"W

      Fire Engine Bouquet


    • The FTD Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet showers your special recipient with affection and admiration in sun-crushed hues. Deep fuchsia roses and spray roses share the spotlight with bright orange roses, green hypericum berries and lily grass blades gorgeously arranged in a clear glass vase. Fresh and eye-catching with extraordinary color, this bouquet will evoke warm feelings with its undeniable charm.   <br><br>Approximately 8&quot;H x 6&quot;W

      Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet by BHG

      from $92.99

    • The FTD Triple Delight Rose Bouquet is a fun and whimsical rose arrangement that is set to celebrate any of life's special moments! Three hot pink roses are exquisitely arranged within a clear glass vase featuring natural stone at the bottom and accented with green hypericum berries, yellow craspedia and butterfly pics, making this a flower bouquet that is simply delightful at every turn. Arrangement includes 3 stems. Approx. 14"H x 5"W. <br>

      The FTD Triple Delight Rose Bouquet


    • The FTD New Dream Bouquet blooms with roses and tulips to dress up their day in color and fresh beauty. Orange roses, yellow tulips, white spider chrysanthemums, purple double lisianthus and lush myrtle are exquisitely arranged in a clear glass vase accented with a mauve satin ribbon to create the perfect way to send your congratulations and warmest wishes. GOOD bouquet includes 15 stems. Approx. 18"H x 14"W. BETTER bouquet includes 18 stems. Approx. 19"H x 15"W. BEST bouquet includes 22 stems. Approx. 20"H x 16"W. <br>

      The FTD New Dream Bouquet

      from $88.99

    • The FTD "Well Done" Bouquet brings together bright roses and sunny Asiatic lilies to congratulate your special recipient on a job well done! Pink roses, green Fuji chrysanthemums, pink Peruvian lilies, yellow Asiatic lilies and lush greens create a colorful, celebratory flower bouquet arranged within a clear glass cubed vase to add to the festivities of their happy day. GOOD bouquet includes 9 stems. Approx. 9"H x 11"W. BETTER bouquet includes 14 stems. Approx. 10"H x 12"W. BEST bouquet includes 19 stems. Approx. 12"H x 14"W. <br>

      The FTD Well Done Bouquet

      from $53.99

    • The FTD Sunshine Daydream Bouquet highlights stunning sunflowers to capture their every attention with its bright beauty. Gorgeous sunflowers are accented with solidago, lily grass blades and lush greens to create a memorable flower bouquet. Presented in a clear glass tapered square vase, this arrangement sends your warmest wishes and highest hopes for the days ahead. GOOD bouquet includes 3 stems. Approx. 14&quot;H x 10&quot;W. BETTER bouquet includes 4 stems. Approx. 14&quot;H x 11&quot;W. BEST bouquet includes 6 stems. Approx. 16&quot;H x 13&quot;W. <br>

      The FTD Sunshine Daydream Bouquet

      from $46.49

    • Happy Birthday! It's all for you! All your wishes for the best birthday ever are packed into this radiant bouquet. Bright red roses and Matsumoto asters contrast with sunny yellow daisies and white monte casino. Curling ribbon adds a festive finishing touch. <br>

      The FTD All For You Bouquet

      from $101.99

    • The FTD Birthday Cheer Bouquet is set to celebrate with its bright, beautiful blooms wishing your special recipient every happiness on their big day! Coral roses, yellow spray roses, hot pink gerbera daisies, white traditional daisies, solidago and lush greens are perfectly arranged in a classic clear glass vase tied with pink satin and green chenille ribbons. Arriving with a mylar balloon exclaiming, &quot;Happy Birthday,&quot; this bouquet will add to the warmth and happiness of their birthday festivities. GOOD bouquet includes 11 stems. Approx. 16&quot;H x 11&quot;W. BETTER bouquet includes 15 stems. Approx. 17&quot;H x 12&quot;W. BEST bouquet includes 21 stems. Approx. 19&quot;H x 13&quot;W. <br>

      The FTD Birthday Cheer Bouquet

      from $82.49

    • A birthday cake arrangement made from poms and carnations.  Give us a call to see what colors are available.

      Floral Birthday Cake