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    • 3 plants together in one charming package.  Hyacinth, tulips, and daffodils.  In a pink picket fence container or basket, your choice!

      Spring Trio

      from $45.00

    • A fresh 6in. pot diameter Tulip plant in a basket.  Comes in a variety of colors!

      Tulip Plant


    • A striking and wonderful smelling 6in. Hyacinth plant in a basket.  Colors may vary.

      Hyacinth Plant


    • A delightful daffodil plant (6in. pot size diameter) in a basket.

      Delightful Daffodil


    • A blooming plant garden with gerberas, kalanchoe, and ivy in a dried flower woodland style basket..  Approx. 13"H x 10"W

      Blooming Spring Garden


    • A hearty collection of green plants in a ceramic dish.  Approx. 12" x 12"

      Green Garden


    • A striking phalaenopsis orchid in a ceramic container of your choice.  Choose below!

      Phalaenopsis Orchid


    • A

      Echeveria - Scarlet Paint

      from $42.50

    • A succulent plant in a whitewashed wooden box with colorful accents and a chalkboard stick-in.

      Thanks! Planter


    • A 6in. pot diameter Calla Lily Plant in a basket.  Approx. 20"H x 10"W

      Calla Lily Plant

      from $35.00

    • Succulent planter for Dad.  Only 1 item included. The small one is $34, Medium is $81.50 and the largest one is $119.  We can make a variety of sizes at different costs, call for details.

      Succulent Planter

      from $40.00

    • A wonderful variety of succulent plants in a ceramic dish.  Approx. 12" x 12"

      Succulent Surprise


    • A succulent plant in a cylinder vase.  Low maintenance plants!  Great for office desks!  Approx. 7.5"H x 3.5"W

      Mini Succulent Terrarium


    • A succulent garden in a ceramic dish.  Low maintenance plants!  Plant varieties and ceramics will vary.  Call the shop with specific requests or put your requests in the special instructions field of your order.

      Succulent Garden

      from $50.00

    • A 4in. Green Plant in your choice of presentation.  Decorative foil, wooden "drawer" box  or a ceramic.  Price includes one item only.  Plants may vary.  Call the shop for specific requests.  $25 minimum for delivery, must order more than one for delivery.

      4in. Green Plant in Foil, Wooden Box, or Basket

      from $16.50

    • A nice collection of hearty green plants in a ceramic container.

      Nancy's Nursery

      from $65.00

    • Tufarock Design has made these adorable small cylinder white cement vases that are a perfect home for an air plant. They look amazing alone or in groups. Buy 3 and make a little display that is sure to make any smile.  (Vase and plant included, offered in single or trios). Made in Sacramento ! 
About Tufarock Design: <br>
Tufarock Design was formed in 2009 when Joe Triglia
 combined his love of sculpture, design & the natural world.
Over the years he has developed a line of unique hand crafted products that reflect that love.
All products are handmade with an eye for detail & respect for the techniques & materials used in their construction. All designs are inspired by organic shapes, textures & colors found in nature.

      Tufarock Cylinder Vase with Air Plant


    • A collection of varying green plants in a basket.

      Basket Garden

      from $62.00

    • A beautiful 6" pot diameter Hydrangea plant.  Comes in a variety of colors!

      Hydrangea Plant

      from $45.00

    • A 6in. pot diameter spathiphyllum plant in a white ceramic.

      Expressing Your Feelings


    • A large green plant in a basket.  Many varieties are available!  Give us a call or select the plant you'd like below. Snake plant (as shown), spath, and pothos are usually available same day, other varieties might have to be special ordered.

      Tropical Green Plant


    • A beautiful Azalea Tree Topiary with a braided stem in basket.

      Azalea Topiary with Braided Trunk

      from $92.50

    • A striking Bromeliad in a ceramic container.  Colors of Bromeliads and ceramics will vary, call the shop for specific requests!

      Bromeliad in Ceramic


    • A beautiful Anthurium plant in a ceramic container with a bamboo trellis.

      Anthurium in Ceramic


    •  White Hydrangea Planter is a wonderful way to express your deepest condolences for their loss. A simply gorgeous hydrangea plant displays its clusters of white blooms arriving in a white-wash basket accented with a designer green wired taffeta ribbon to offer peace and comfort in their time of need.  <br>

      The FTD® White Hydrangea Planter


    • Ceramic garden planter with a 4in. Kalanchoe plant surrounded by four 4in. succulent plants and soil decor.  Container colors may vary.  Drought tolerant!

      Kalanchoe Succulent Garden


    • A 4in. Kalanchoe in your choice of presentation.  Decorative foil with a bow, white washed wooden drawer box or ceramic pot.  Price includes one item only.  Colors may vary.  Drought tolerant! Delivery minimum is $25, items under minimum are not eligible for delivery alone.

      4 inch Kalanchoe Plant in Foil, Box, or Ceramic

      from $15.00

    • The FTD® Living Spirit(tm) Dishgarden is a wonderful display of our finest plants to honor the life of your loved one. A palm plant, peace lily plant, dracaena plant and a philodendron plant are lush and lovely accented with stems of pink Peruvian lilies. Seated in a 7-inch woodchip rectangular basket, this dishgarden conveys your most heartfelt sympathy while offering hope for brighter days ahead.<br>

      The FTD® Living Spirit(tm) Dishgarden


    • The FTD® White Orchid Planter is an elegant, long-lasting gift that beautifully conveys your condolences for their loss. A snow-white phalaenopsis orchid plant displays its exotic blooms while seated in a designer white ceramic container to create a symbol of peace that honors the life of the deceased.  <br>

      The FTD® White Orchid Planter


    • The FTD Peace & Serenity Dishgarden is a gorgeous way to convey your deepest sympathies for your special recipient's loss. A collection of incredibly beautiful plants accented by stems of white Peruvian lilies. The presentation arrives in a natural woodchip rectangular basket accented with a white satin ribbon, to commemorate the life of the deceased and offer comfort and peace with its lush elegance.  <br>

      The FTD Peace & Serenity Dishgarden


    • The FTD French Garden employs lush, green plants to create a gift ideal for any of life's special occasions. Containing a varied assortment of 6 green plants, this dish garden arrives presented in a natural round woodchip basket accented with a yellow wired taffeta ribbon to create a wonderful way to send your sentiments across the miles. Approx. 18"H x 14"W. <br>

      The FTD French Garden


    • The FTD Pink Azalea showers your recipient with beautiful blushing blooms to create a fantastic gift set to celebrate any occasion. A stunning azalea plant displays soft pink flowers from its branches presented in a woven banana leaf potcover to create a sensational way to send your sweetest sentiments.  6" plant.<br>

      The FTD Pink Azalea


    • The FTD Loving Light Dishgarden is a ray of hope and a beautiful symbol of eternal life offered through our finest collection of plants. A palm plant, peace lily plant, dracaena plant and philodendron plant create an exquisite look when brought together in a 7-inch natural woodchip basket and accented with stems of bright yellow chrysanthemums. Adorned with a yellow satin ribbon, this gorgeous dishgarden will bring comfort and extend sympathy throughout the months ahead.<br>

      The FTD Loving Light Dishgarden


    • The FTD Spathiphyllum, or more commonly known as the Peace Lily, is a beautiful plant to help convey your wishes for tranquility and sweet serenity. An ideal gift for most occasions, this lush plant displays white conical blooms perfectly presented in a round woven container to make it a natural fit for any interior decor. 8" plant. <br>

      The FTD Spathiphyllum


    • A 6in. pot size Kalanchoe plant.

      Kalanchoe Plant in Basket