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Summer Sale!!

Summer Sale!!

Summer Sale!!!

We are having our annual summer sale at Relles Florist!

All bromeliads in the store are currently 50% off!! If you were hoping to add a tropical plant to your collection, why wait any longer?

We also have 35% off our selection of blooming and green plants throughout the store. We have Chinese evergreens, and several varieties of Pepperomia, and Monstera plants. We also have Orchids, Hydrangea, and Calla Lily plants. These are just a few of the plants in store to choose from.

Wrapped flowers are also 35% off. You can choose a selection of our fresh cut flowers and take them home to put in your own vase. 

If you didn't want to create your own arrangement, we are also having a sale on premade vase arrangements in our cooler. 30% off any arrangement in the cooler that is already made, this discount does not apply to custom orders. 

We look forward to seeing you all here at Relles Florist!!

p.s. we have our own parking lot, so you don't have to pay for street parking!!

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