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    • A cornucopia arrangement in fall colors.  Approx. 21"L x 12"H


      from $70.00

    • A collection of fall colored flowers in a two tone metal gold and tin container.  Approx. 12"H x 13"W

      Harvest Tin

      from $74.95

    • A natural, fall themed basket arrangement.  Approx. 11"H x 16"W

      Naturally Autumn

      from $60.50

    • An Autumn colored basket arrangement.  Approx. 12"H x 13"W

      Autumn Basket

      from $63.95

    • A beautiful vased arrangement of seasonal flowers.  This will be a seasonal designer's choice mix of colors and flowers.

      Seasonal Vase Arrangement

      $75.00 $67.50

    • Tara loves making these topiaries!  Good thing too, because it's hard to keep one in the shop.  Every time we have one in the front display refrigerator, someone takes it home with them!  Now you can order one online!  Colors and flowers may vary, let us know if you have specific color or flower requests!
Approx. 18"H x 10"W

      Tara's Topiary

      from $49.49

    • Bouquet of orange roses, red matsumoto asters, pale pink mini carnations and greens. Arranged in a clear glass bubble bowl. Approx. 11"H x 12"W

      Rush of Color

      from $55.00

    • Cat, dog, wine lovers, we have you covered ! Special teacher ? Best friend ?  Add a little fun friend and your special someone can enjoy the figurine long  the after the flowers have expired.


      Please call for pricing