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    • This custom designed kit has been carefully curated to create relaxation with three lovely products:<br>
A lightweight blend of easily absorbed oils & botanical hydrosols. Infused with sacred Palo Santo wood essential oil, this cream is a perfect meditative blend of nutrients for your skin on the go.<br>

A low-smoke, essential oil and soy wax candle, poured in small batches in gentle blends for a natural choice <br>

An aromatic blend of botanical herbal waters and nourishing  oils  with  a  delicate  balance   of mood-boosting  and  moisturizing benefits. 

      Relaxation Spa Kit


    • Handmade in Sacramento by Witt & Lore earrings. Hoops are approx. 1 inch across 
Please specific color preference.

      Beaded Hoop Earrings Small


    • These adorable little earrings are hand beaded and made by local artist Witt & Lore.

      Small Beaded Hoop Earrings


    • Handmade ceramic earrings by local artist Witt & Lore on sterling silver posts.  They are about an inch across at the widest point and hang 2.75 inch in length.

      Ceramic Dangler Earrings (half circle)


    • Beaded Hoop Earrings (Large)


    • These Oval Beaded Earrings are handmade in Sacramento by artist Witt & Lore. Please specify color you would like in special instructions. 
Earrings measure about 1/2 inch across and hang about 1.5 inch in length.

      Oval Beaded Earrings


    • These beautiful earrings are hand beaded and made by local artist Witt & Lore. The measure about 1.5 inches wide and hang about 2 inches long.

      Beaded Boat Hoop Earrings


    • Handmade ceramic earrings by local artist Witt & Lore on sterling silver posts.  They are about .75 of an inch across at the widest point and hang 2.75 inch in length.

      Ceramic Dangler Earrings (circle)


    • Handmade beaded triangle earrings by local artist Witt& Lore.  Measure about 1/2 inch across and hang about an inch in length.

      Beaded Triangle Earrings


    • These lovely earrings are hand beaded and beautifully crafted by Sacramento's Witt and Lore. These earrings are stunning and make a gorgeous gift. Triangles are about 1" on each side on silver hooks.

      Beaded Triangle Earrings


    • A

      Lavender Soy Candle


    • 8" Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting that serves 8-10 people. Available in other flavors! **Not Available For Same Day Delivery**
(Plate not included, delivered in box)

      Delightful Treat


    • Among the Flowers- has created this lovely kit, featuring naturally made facial products that makes an incredible gift.  Locally made, wild crafted skin care. 

 "The Poetry Of Earth Is Never Dead" -Unknown

Often Striving For Beautiful Skin Leads Us Down Isles In Drug Stores Or Department Stores, Scanning The Bold And Alluring Labels For A Miracle. We Cover, Strip, And Manipulate Our Skin On This Quest, Often Left Further In Confusion.

A Deep Belief That Each Woman Holds A Unique Beauty And That It Beams When Nurtured And In Full Health Drove Us To Alchemize A Set Of Beauty Rituals For Indulgence And Nourishment.


Rhassoul + Honey Cleansing Mask / 1.7 Oz

A Convenient Blend Of Our Nutritive Petal And Earth Revival Mask- Packed With Silken Rhassoul Clay And Chamomile Buds- And Our Balancing Honey Cleanser. A Dual Purpose Mask, Cleanser And Exfoliator In One.

Luminescent Facial Serum / 1oz

A 1 Oz Bottle Of Seven Regenerative Oils. The Combination Of These Precious Oils Delivers Active Bio-Nutrients Deep Into Pores, Balancing The Skins Overall Health And Complexion.

Rose Petal Hydration Mist /  1oz

Pure, Rose Petal Water. A Versatile Mist For Everything From Toning Skin After Cleansing, To A Gentle Endorphin Stimulating Perfume. A Must-Have For Any Woman.

      Inner Beauty Facial Kit


    • Motherhood is a beautiful, challenging adventure. Along with the cherished moments between mother and baby are a few that require a little help. We a few skincare and bath needs for mom and baby taken care of! This box is a perfect way to help glide through the newborn days. Everything is pure, simple, and safe-- as it should be during this magical time for mother and baby.

- Bosom Butter- A soothing ointment for sore, nursing mothers.

- Blooming Belly Butter- A rich cream packed with Vitamin A and C to help promote skin cell regeneration and elasticity. For use on growing bellies before and after pregnancy. <br>

- Wipe Spray- An all natural solution to gently clean and wipe baby's bum- no chemicals used ever.<br>

- Baby Wash- A safe liquid, all natural, hot process soap for fragile skin. Diluted, it can be used even for baby's first bath.<br>

- Calming Baby Balm- A natural chamomile infused ointment suitable for diaper rash and soothing irritated skin.<br>

- Calming Bath Tea- Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, Rose petals and buds seep into bath water enhancing relaxation and soothing tired skin and muscles. <br>

      New Mom and Babe Kit


    • Barn Animal Mug - 17oz.

      Barn Animal Mug - 17oz


    • Safari Animal Mug - 16oz

      Safari Animal Mug - 16oz


    • These beautifully handmade trays are a lovely gift and made in Sacramento. 
We are delighted to have them in the shop and they are a beautiful addition to a flower arrangement or a fantastic gift on their own. 
Let us deliver one or you today. 
Size 4"x6" inches  

About the artist: 
Andy Lowry has been producing decorative home goods under the moniker of Why Girls Go Astray for over a decade. 
Why Girls Go Astray’s decoupage wares are made by
hand using imagery from our collection of antique prints.
Our goods are designed to not only look spectacular, but
also to provide years of service as a serving tray, repository
for everyday small items,or reliquary for treasures of import.

      Pave Siguat Glass Tray


    • Skeleton Candle Holders! (No small skulls left, large size available only.)

      Skeleton Candle Holders


    • Paper Mache Skulls

      Paper Mache Skulls


    • Cat, dog, wine lovers, we have you covered ! Special teacher ? Best friend ?  Add a little fun friend and your special someone can enjoy the figurine long  the after the flowers have expired.


      Please call for pricing

    • 23.5 inches tall, this beautiful scarlet vase, made in Poland by the artist Jarek Kozlowski.

      Jarek Kozlowski Collection Vase