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Spa Day Kit

Spa Day Kit


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Need a getaway or a staycation or know someone who does ? This lovely kit has a bounty of products to turn your bathroom into a spa day escape
Whipped Body Butter
A combination of whipped coconut oil and shea butter, essential oils and highly effective nut and seed derived oils come together in this luxurious whipped body butter. For deep moisturizing and extra dry skin.
Moisturizing Bath Bomb
A super moisturizing, fizzing, floral bath experience all in one little bomb. Powered with shea butter and lavender essential oils. Use: Add to a warm bath. Remove and allow to completely dry out for future uses.
Raw Honey and Sugar Exfoliating Face and Lip Scrub
An Important Step to balanced skin health is exfoliation. USE: Massage a thick layer into clean, damp skin. Rinse with warm water and follow with Rose Petal Hydrating Mist and Luminescent.


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