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Sweet Scents

Sweet Scents


A stunning floral arrangement featuring the vibrant presence of stock flowers, the tall and spiky allure of snapdragons, and the timeless beauty of 40cm color roses. Complemented by the exotic and fragrant Oriental lilies, this bouquet is a harmonious blend of textures and colors, creating an eye-catching and elegant display. Meticulously crafted, the arrangement highlights the richness of stock, the vertical interest of snapdragons, and the classic charm of roses, all enhanced by the captivating presence of Oriental lilies. With same-day delivery, this arrangement ensures a prompt and luxurious surprise, making it an ideal choice for expressing sentiments of admiration, celebration, or heartfelt affection. Transform your space with the fresh and sophisticated beauty of this thoughtfully arranged floral ensemble.

Approx. 23"H x 14"W


Recommended Final Touches

  • Tactical Soap On A Rope Scrubbing Pouch Addon
    Tactical Soap On A Rope Scrubbing Pouch
    No Thanks
    As Shown $20.00
  • Duke Cannon Soap - Budweiser Beer Addon
    Duke Cannon Soap - Budweiser Beer
    No Thanks
    As Shown $7.50
  • LeGrand Chocolates Addon
    LeGrand Chocolates
    No Thanks
    4pc. Truffles $18.50
    6pc. Truffles $24.95
    12pc. Truffles $40.75
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