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Zeylanica Snake Plant

Zeylanica Snake Plant

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Sansevieria zeylanica is a stemless evergreen perennial plant. Leaves are erect, fleshy, sharply-pointed, sword-shaped, deep green with light, gray-green horizontal stripes and are 18 – 30 inches or longer and 2.5 cm wide from a rhizomatous rootstock. It is an excellent plant for purifying the air and removing toxins from indoor environments. It is toxic if chewed or eaten. Keep away from children and animals. Common Names: Snake Plant, Ceylon Bowstring Hemp, Devil’s Tongue, Zeylanica Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. It requires bright, filtered light and can stand plenty of direct sunlight but will adapt to low light conditions too. Water your plant regularly during the growing season and always keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Allow the topsoil to become slightly dry between each watering. During the winter months, reduce watering. 32" h x 16" w

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