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Ficus Benjamina 10

Ficus Benjamina 10"

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Ficus Benjamina Care Guide for Beginners
If you haven’t grown this plant before, you surely are unaware how to care for ficus benjamina. In fact, it isn’t as difficult as may seem because ficus is unpretentious. Here are my simple recommendations how to care ficus benjamina. Personally I think that it takes little time and brings much joy.
As for watering, I recommend to do it moderately. It is also important to spray leaves with boiled warm water.
When people ask me about fertilizing, I advise to do it abundantly from May to September once in 2-4 weeks. Use organic and mineral fertilizers that can be bought in special stores. Nourish the plant once a month from October to April.
If you wonder where to place the pot with ficus, I recommend keeping ficus benjamina outdoors in summer, for instance in the garden or on the balcony. However, avoid direct sunlight. If you keep ficus benjamina indoors, the temperature should be at least 10° С and the air humidity – 50-75%.


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